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Aviation Services

UAV / Drone technology is exciting and brings with it the ability to offer solutions that were previously too costly or even unobtainable.  If you have a need for aerial video, aerial mapping or specialized aerial services, please contact us and let CDS Aviation assist you with your project.  Why bother with spending capital on the drone, acquiring a pilot, getting the FAA exemption, when you can outsource to a professional.  CDS Aviation can collect the data for you, and even render or process the collected data into a format that is useful for your needs.  We have a growing squadron of UAV platforms that can be applied to almost any task, from HD video / photography production to mapping to 3D rendering. 

c360® Solutions

 The ability to check on a job site and have a record of the condition or status is vital on some construction projects.  CDS has received trademark protection for our unique application of panoramic photography, orthomosaic and laser point cloud products.  

 Our product line is broken into three categories named c360®, c360® Ortho View and c360® LASer View.  Each of these products allows the site owner to view and manipulate the finished product using a web browser with data from our cloud driven system.  This eliminates the hassle associated with managing large volumes of data.  Anyone that has worked with LAS files and Orthos will quickly realize that the data file sizes involved are large.  Couple the issues of shear volume and the long term storage requirements, and you can have a head ache in the making.

 Our cloud driven solution allows you to view and share your site data without the heavy local storage requirements.  Have a look at our demo page at

Services We Offer


CDS Aviation operates many UAV / drone platforms allowing us to deliver premium content based on the client and situational needs.   CDS Aviation has FAA Part 107 certificated pilot, and we have hundreds of hours of operational flight experience under many circumstances and applications, ensuring a quality product for our clients.


- HD 4K Video

- Hi-Res Photography

- Surface Models

- Hi-Res Orthomosaic

- Thermal Imaging

- Surface Modeling

- 3D Modelling

- Structure Inspections

- Aerial Site Views

- Online Publishing

- Data Processing

- NDVI Analysis

- Crop Analysis


Kenny McLean is the pilot for all missions flown.  He has been involved in General Aviation

Kenny McLean

for over 30 years and in the computer industry for over 20 years.  He holds a Private Pilot Airman certificate, and is a programmer, computer systems engineer and holds a MCP, CISSP and CCE professional certifications.

Latest Blog Post

CDS has a drone / UAV platform to suit any need for aerial photography and video.  We can shoot simple aerial photographs for a property sale, provide aerial mosaics of a large property for sale or development, provide video of site construction or provide HD 4K for movie industry.

Hi resolution aerial photography and video

By using UAV / drone based hi-res photography and / or LiDaR, we can provide a point cloud rendering of any surface.  After the data is collected, CDS Aviation can provide rendering services to satisfy the customers' needs.  Data provided by CDS is easily read by GIS and CAD software systems. 


Measurement of stockpile volume

CDS Aviation has a specialized drone designed specifically for close aerial work, allowing us to use high resolution photography / video to provide our engineering customers with the detail required for inspecting buildings, bridges, water towers, cell towers.  Click to see how CDS Aviation can improve your engineering workflow.


In Engineering / Inspections
Measurement of stockpile volume

Using a custom designed UAV / drone, CDS Aviation is pioneering the use of UAV based technologies for detailed collection and rendering of rights-of-way.  We blend precision data collection methods with data processing to provide our customers with the ability to view point in time conditions and overlay future information.  Limited availability.


In Power Line Management
Measurement of stockpile volume
For the PLS

Developers, agents, architects, landowners all depend on accurate surveys.  CDS Aviation has precision UAV / drone aeronautical resources to compliment your next PLS project.  We can over flight an area and return to you a solution from the simple orthomosaic, to assisting the PLS to cover large tracts accurately, to the complex 3D point cloud rendering that can then be utilized by your PLS / engineering groups GIS or CAD system and aid you in your solution 



Survey data collection by aerial systems.
In Agriculture NDVI
Example of NDVI of Wheat field.

Using our UAV / drone based solution, we over flight a field and take images using a NIR spectrum camera, a regular visible spectrum camera, and can even use our LiDaR platform.  With the data returned from these instruments, we can analyze using NDVI standards and assist the landowner in determining the plant health, identify water and nutrient deficiencies, equipment problems (ie. soil compaction) and insect pressure.


UAV / drone based LiDaR can also be used to estimate bio-mass of the field and enables viewing under the canopy, penetrating to the ground below.


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