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Power Line Right of Way Mapping Service

  CDS Aviation has advanced technology UAV / Drone platforms that allow us to over flight rights-of-way and create a 3D map of the infrastructure.  Our process will return to the utility company a 3D model that has sub 5cm accuracy detailing the poles, power lines, vegitation and ground below.


  This information is made accessible to the utility company and may be displayed on various platforms such as via web browser or local computer using software.  Problem areas can be identified quickly and support / maintenance crews can be deployed based on prioritization by the utility.


  Our methods allows for the utility to fully configure the level of data collection required.  We also off to rendering services that supplement the collection of data, so that utilities without an IT staff to process the data can take advantage of CDS IT Services to handle this computer processing intensive aspect of the data processing.


  Partner with CDS Aviation on your next project and let us simplify your aerial data collection.  Call us at 803-779-9237.

Power Line Management

  CDS Aviation can use photogrammetry to construct a 3D view of the power line area. This method is the least expensive available and is also the quickest in getting results.  


  Our process is straight forward, once a drone collection is completed, we will conduct the initital processing of the data.  We can turn over the point cloud information for further processing or CDS Aviation can further process the data to provide a complete map / model of the area.


CDS Aviation can accomplish the mission by;

  1)mapping the right-of-way,

  2) rendering the data,

  3) long term data storage if necessary,

  4) providing web interface to view and manage the information. 


Call us today at 803-779-9237

  LIDAR provides the capability to collect more accurate data than by photogramatic methods.  In power line right-of-way areas painted with LIDAR, trouble spots such as tree line / vegatation encroachment are easily identified.  This will allow utilities to direct utility maintenance crews to these trouble 'hot spots' quickly and efficiently.


  Once a drone collection is completed, utility companies will have a reference map to analyze at a future date as a comparative data set.


CDS Aviation can accomplish the mission by;

1) mapping the right-of-way,

2) rendering the point cloud data,

3) long term data storage if necessary,

4) providing web interface to view and manage the information. 


Call us today at 803-779-9237.

3D Model of Power Line 

  CDS Aviation can fly, process, render and deliver to utilities maps of power line and gas rights-of-way.


  Try the interactive model to the left.  This model contains the same point data as the above video, but allows the viewer to manipulate the model using the web browser. This model represents about 1 mile long section of power line right-of-way.


  One option CDS Aviation can offer our clients is the use of cloud based renders to facilitate viewing of data from almost any device.

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