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A New Tool for the Professional Surveyors ...

In the past surveying a large tract used to take days, now professional surveyors can cut the time and cost associated with this data collection and generate higher profits.  Team up with CDS Aviation and see how our aerial platforms can assist you in collecting the data you need quickly and efficiently.


We can deliver the crucial RTK based data in a fraction of the time it required in the past, allowing the professional surveyor to turn projects more quickly and increase your profit. 

High Resolution Survey / Models

The example at left shows about 80 acres of marsh at low tide. This model was generated using photos taken at about 2cm resolution.

The areas that are empty were flooded with water.  Water surfaces generally will not create a point cloud data as it is not possible to get a 'fix' on the surface.


 The orthomosaic and DSM of the 3D model at left.

Orthomosaic and DSM, Marsh at 2cm Resolution

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