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3D Modeling and Volume Measuring

CDS Aviation has the tools to create high definition models of any surface.  Using high definition photography captured from our drone fleet, we can render a surface that an engineer can use.  From raw data to point cloud data to video animations, partner with CDS Aviation on your next project and save yourself the costs of acquiring the high end technology, employing the pilot and getting the FAA approval to conduct this type of aviation work. 


A less expensive option than using LIDAR, we can use hi-resolution imagery to create a 3D surface that can be used to evaluate terrain, measure volumetric space, create a work surface for architectural draft, developer review, or for planning.  The point cloud data from the images allows our qualified clients to render volume measurements of stockpile, or measure volume of depression areas such as retaining ponds.  This simplifies the ingest of the data into CAD, GIS and other programs.  Uses are almost endless for architects, surveyors, engineers, mining companies / operators, utilities, developers, landowners, and anyone that requires a high degree of accuracy in their work product.


Partner with CDS Aviation on your next project...  Contact us at 803-779-9237 .

Volume Measure from High Resolution Imagery

This is an animation derived from hi-resolution photographs of a stockpile storage facility. 

3D Model In Engineering

CDS Aviation has the equipment to assist with measuring stockpile or retaining pond volumes.  Point cloud data can be rendered by us or the collection provided to another organization for final processing.

 - Surveyors

 - Engineers

 - Architects

 - Government agencies

Try the interactive model to the left.  This model contains point cloud data from the stockpile area featured in the above video.  Load the module and run it full screen for maximum effect and function.  Volume measurements are visible in the model by clicking on the annotations.


One option CDS Aviation can offer our clients is the use of cloud based renders to facilitate viewing of data from almost any device.

3D Model In Land Use
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