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Power Systems

Imagine not having electricity for a few hours.  How about for days?  CDS Power Systems has the knowledge to properly design and install a system that will provide your home or small office electrical power in the event of an emergency, or that can provide you power independent of the nations fragile electrical grid. We are a Briggs and Stratton Certified Dealer and Installer, and we have been installing these solutions for over 18 years.  Experience that counts when you want reliable power to protect your family during a power outage!


"The generator is doing fine, no problems.  It runs for about 19 minutes every Sat AM.  We lost power for a short time when the tornado hit Aiken about a month ago and it took almost 45 Seconds for the generator to provide power.  My wife commented that the generator had just paid for itself when it started up and the lights and her oven came back on line."

Don - Aiken, SC

Standby Generator Solutions

We offer fully automatic systems that run on natural gas or LP fuels.  The connection of the standby generator to your gas meter or propane tank means you will not have be concerned with trips to find an open gas station during an emergency, or whether the gas you put in the system the last year is still useable. 

*All pricing is estimated until an onsite engineering review is completed


Available Packages

- 22kW / 26kW Air Cooled.  This system can be connected to provide power to the entire home in the event of an outage.  Our smart switch technology lets the generator control heavier loads such as A/C systems, pumps and hot water heaters, turning these off when power demands are too high.  Pricing starts at $13,600 and includes 200Amp ATS, Briggs & Stratton 22kW generator, delivery, electrical install, NG gas connection within 10ft of meter.  Includes first year of Premium Service ($800.00 value).


- 35/48/60/80kW Liquid Cooled.  These systems are capable of running larger homes with ease and provide you with no inconvenience, no switching off A/C systems to conserve power.  Pricing starts at $22,000 and includes 200Amp ATS, Briggs & Stratton 35kW generator, delivery, concrete pad, electrical install, NG gas regulator (if required), gas connection if withing 10ft of meter.  Includes first year of Signature Service ($600.00).

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