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Civil Engineering has a new best friend!

CDS Aviation has UAV / Drone system that is designed to fly safely near objects and provide close viewing.  Utilizing this state of the art UAV / Drone technology CDS Aviation can provide civil engineers an inexpensive and invaluable tool to assist in the inspection of structures that would otherwise require complicated support and lift equipment. 

Imagine being able to inspect a job site without leaving the office.  Experience how CDS Aviation trademarked c360® product line can work for your site.  High resolution imagery in our Aerial 'c360'® web portal allows easy remote viewing of your site using your web browser (See Demo Site below). In addition, CDS Aviation can create a point cloud and render a 3D model providing a real point in time view of the structure / site for usage in your CAD software.  Our newest member of the c360® line, c360®  LASer View is available for clients use, and provides you with a cloud based portal to view and manage your point cloud data without the need of expensive software and downloading large data files.


Applications include; Site Inspections, site construction progress, Water tower inspections, cell tower inspections, building inspections, bridge inspection and any object where detail records are required.  Contact us today and see how we can apply this exciting technology to your business needs and increase your profits.

Aerial c360® for Site Inspections

From hi-resolution photographs of a construction site.  the resulting image allows the user to zoom in and out for detailed review as well as view 360 degrees...  c360®!

Less expensive option than using photogrammetry or Lidar, it gives a project manager a bird's eye view of the construction site without having to travel to the location.  This service can be performed periodically to help keep up with work progress and construction goals while staying in budget.

These are perfect for record keeping, proof of state, and many other uses.

Use your mouse to interact with the demo at the left.

c360® LASer View Demonstration Site

We provide our clients with the option to use a web based viewer for the laser point cloud data.

Our c360® LASer View is a platform independent product which allows clients to manipulate and view point cloud data of their sites, without the hassle of managing the high volume of data that these models generally bring.

No expensive software to purchase and runs on almost any platform, customers can view the point cloud data from anywhere they have a high speed Internet connection.

Try the model out to the left and see some of the features.  Or click here to view in a browser full screen.

Example 3D Model of Bridge

CDS Aviation can assist the professional with data collection to measure stockpile or retaining pond volumes.  Point cloud data can be rendered by us or the collection provided to another organization for final processing.

 - Surveyors

 - Engineers

 - Architects

 - Government agencies


Try the interactive model to the left.  This model contains the point data of a bridge under construction, but allows the viewer to manipulate the model using the web browser. 


One option CDS Aviation can offer our clients is the use of cloud based renders to facilitate viewing of data from almost any device.

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