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I.T. is Our Passion


At CDS we are passionate about applying technology to simplify everyday tasks, allow technology to make employees more efficient and integrate the latest in technology into every business.

Our clients have the latest tools, the latest technology and suffer virtually zero down time.  Join our client base today and see how CDS IT Solutions can improve your operations.

Managed Services

We approach technology in the office in a holistic way, looking at current office operations and advising clients on the best use of current technology to complement their business model.  Once our Managed Service package is implemented, customers have a smooth running system with help a mere phone call / email message away.  Using a unique and proprietary system design, we manage most elements of the customer IT needs from our data center, however when necessary our technicians will arrive onsite and handle any problem.


Simplify your business IT headache and let CDS show you our proactive form of office IT Solutions.


Included with a Managed Service Agreement

- Hybrid Server implementation.  Balanced servers services that are cloud based and local based

- Full Backup of local data files, optional offsite storage daily

- Full Microsoft Exchange email for each employee

- Full Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync)

- Optional Microsoft Office 2013 license for each employee

- Full onsite support and Help Desk

- Onsite customized training

Voice Services

There was a time when phone service meant having subscriber lines from a big telcom and a clunky phone system with limited capability.  This is no longer true as today we have untethered the phone line from the phone company and essentially merged the services with our data systems.  Using your data tether to the Internet, we can offer voice packages that is based on a cloud based PBX switch.  This allows more flexibiliity in choosing multiple office locations so these may share call volume, allows direct reduction in cost associated with phone service as the old lines are not needed and also cuts out the subscriber fees on 'features' you and your staff do not need.


VoIP Package Includes

- Per Extension Pricing

- Domestic Long Distance included

- Voice Mail

- Full featured Cloud based PBX


Computer Systems

We introduced our microPC design several years ago and it is designed with a lot of power in a small size.  Smaller than a CD and standing at less than 2 inches tall, we pack into our design a tremendous amount of technology that makes employees more productive. 


The small form factor eliminates the traditional under desk clutter, placing the computer on the desk or we can even mount on the back of the screen.  This desktop space saver brings art form and clean design to the PC.


Available as a purchase item or as a lease, each is custom built around your needs.


Lease PC Includes

- microPC with Intel i3 / i5, 8GB RAM, USB 3.0, Dual screen ready

- Windows 8.1

- Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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