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Aviation Services

  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or Drones) are proving to be game changers and there are seemingly unlimited ways to apply this technology.  CDS Aviation has sophisticated aerial tools and is FAA Part 107 compliant to provide our clients with the highest quality results they expect...

Information Technology

  Technology has permeated every aspect of modern life.  We depend on technology at work to maintain our competitive edge.  However, when that technology fails, it puts our business at risk.  CDS IT Services can enhance and protect your business' edge...

Power Systems

  CDS Power Systems provides reliable standby power with generators by Briggs and Stratton.  We specialize in standby generators for residential / light commercial that use natural gas or LP that will provide stable power during  electrical grid outages...

About CDS Corporation

Founded in 1992 as a custom software programming company, CDS Corporation has evolved from programming to training to System Engineering.


Our mission has always been to bring the best technology, right sized for our customers.  True to our founding vision, today we leverage the latest in technology and make it scalable for any business size.  Using our unique processes, we bring enterprise class IT services and make IT affordable. 


We have the Technology, Knowledge and Expertise to bring all elements of our business services portfolio into a single, seamless solution for our customers. 

Providing IT Services, Aerial Solutions and Home Standby Power Solutions.
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